Blechspielwarenfabrik Jos. Kraus & Co.



The history of the tin toy factory Jos. Kraus & Co. - Permanent exhibition in the Petersberg Museum. 

Since September 2016, the permanent exhibition "Die Blechspielwarenfabrik Josef Kraus & Co. in Nuremberg" (1910 - 1941) has been on display in the new exhibition building of the Petersberg Museum on loan from Jens Ehle. The exhibition provides exciting impressions for friends of model railways and those interested in technology and provides an interesting insight into the contemporary and economic history of the 20s, 30s and 40s of the 20th century.

The Petersberg Museum, north of Halle, is located in a four-sided homestead, which was built in 1752 as a royal Prussian forester's house. The homestead served as the forester's house for the Petersberg domain for over 220 years. The forestry department (now a museum) in the Alte Halleschen Straße is protected as a historical and urban monument. 

The gallery gives an insight into the exhibition